Ancestors of Reender Reenders

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37962. Duirt Tho Siuxum .

Duirt married Menneke.

The child from this marriage was:

18981        i.  Bawe

37963. Menneke, daughter of Wabbe Tho Oesinghaweer and Bawe.

Menneke married Duirt Tho Siuxum.

38328. Abel Elama was born circa 1415 and died after 1448.

Abel married circa 1435.

His child was:

19164        i.  Popco Elama Tho Uythuysen (born circa 1440 - died after 1476)

47280. Johan Van Waldburg, son of Eberhard Van Waldburg and Agnes Van Teck, was born in 1362 and died in 1424.

Johan married Ursula Van Abensberg voor 4-7-1399. Ursula died 30-1-1422.

The child from this marriage was:

23640        i.  Jakob I Van Waldburg (died 5-6-1460)

47281. Ursula Van Abensberg, daughter of Ulrich Van Abensberg and Katharina Van Liechtenstein, died 30-1-1422.

Ursula married Johan Van Waldburg voor 4-7-1399. Johan was born in 1362 and died in 1424.

47282. Willem Van Hachberg, son of Rudolf III Van Hachberg and Anna Van Freiburg, was born 11-7-1406 and died after 21-5-1473.

Willem married Elisabeth Van Montfort-Bregenz circa 1424. Elisabeth died 4-6-1458.

The child from this marriage was:

23641        i.  Ursula Van Hachberg-Rotteln (died 23-6-1467, buried in Langnau, Zwitserland)

47283. Elisabeth Van Montfort-Bregenz, daughter of Willem V Van Montfort-Bregenz and Unknown, died 4-6-1458.

Elisabeth married Willem Van Hachberg circa 1424. Willem was born 11-7-1406 and died after 21-5-1473.

47284. Frederik IV Van Oettingen died 23-1-1423.

Frederik married Eufemia Van Silezie Tot Munsterberg voor 24-3-1395. Eufemia died 17-11-1447.

The child from this marriage was:

23642        i.  Willem I Van Oettingen (died 12-3-1467)

47285. Eufemia Van Silezie Tot Munsterberg, daughter of Bolko III Van Silezie Tot Munsterberg and Eufemia Van Kosel, died 17-11-1447.

Eufemia married Frederik IV Van Oettingen voor 24-3-1395. Frederik died 23-1-1423.

47286. Paolo Della Scala, son of Guglielmo Della Scala and Unknown, died in 1440.

Paolo married Amalia Van Frauenberg.

The child from this marriage was:

23643        i.  Beatrix Della Scala (died 14-2-1466)

47287. Amalia Van Frauenberg .

Amalia married Paolo Della Scala. Paolo died in 1440.

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