Ancestors of Fransina de Vries

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12646. Dammis Jansz.

Dammis married.

His child was:

6323       i.  Ariaentje Dammisdr. (died before 1587)

12664. Gerrit Cornelisz. died before 1553.

Gerrit married.

His child was:

6332       i.  Joost Gerritsz. Quant

12672. Vop Mertensz., son of Merten Pouwelsz. and Unknown, died circa 1545.

Vop married.

His child was:

6336       i.  Jan Voppensz. (died circa 1563)

12704. Ghysbert Hendricksz., son of Henric Ghysbertsz. and Hillegont.

Ghysbert married.

His child was:

6352       i.  Feys Ghysz.

12716. Aert Adriaensz. died before 1543.

Aert married Pieterken. Pieterken died before 1559.

The child from this marriage was:

6358       i.  Jacob Aertsz.

12717. Pieterken died before 1559.

Pieterken married Aert Adriaensz.. Aert died before 1543.

12840. Nanne Gerritsz., son of Gerijt Dirck Jacobsz. and Unknown.

Nanne married.

His child was:

6420       i.  Pieter Nannensz. (died before 1543)

14280. Adriaen Dircksz. Ottolander died before 20-12-1565.

Adriaen married Elisabeth Jacob Schalckendr..

The child from this marriage was:

7140       i.  Vastert Adriaensz. Ottolander (died before 8-5-1581)

14281. Elisabeth Jacob Schalckendr., daughter of Jacob Schalckensz. and Unknown.

Elisabeth married Adriaen Dircksz. Ottolander. Adriaen died before 20-12-1565.

14282. Heyman Ghysbertsz. died between 1536 and 1540.

Heyman married Adriaentje. Adriaentje died after 26-8-1563.

The child from this marriage was:

7141       i.  Adriaentje Heymen Ghysbertsdr.

14283. Adriaentje died after 26-8-1563.

Adriaentje married Heyman Ghysbertsz.. Heyman died between 1536 and 1540.

Adriaentje next married Anthonis Damen. Anthonis died before 8-8-1563.

15650. Dirck Govertsz. died before 15-5-1546.

Dirck married Elisabeth Peter Harmansdr..

Children from this marriage were:

7825       i.  Weijn Dirck Govertsdr.

7829      ii.  Elisabeth Dirck Govertsdr. (died after 7-4-1576)

15651. Elisabeth Peter Harmansdr.

Elisabeth married Dirck Govertsz.. Dirck died before 15-5-1546.

15658. Dirck Govertsz. died before 15-5-1546.
(Duplicate. See Below)

15659. Elisabeth Peter Harmansdr.
(Duplicate. See Below)

15752. Adriaen Jansz. died after 1573.

Adriaen married Willem(ke) Hak. Willem(ke) died before 1573.

The child from this marriage was:

7876       i.  Thonis Adriaensz. (born in 1546 - died after 1626)

15753. Willem(ke) Hak died before 1573.

Willem(ke) married Adriaen Jansz.. Adriaen died after 1573.

16338. Thyman Jansz. died before 3-9-1544.

Thyman married Belijke Jansdr.. Belijke died before 3-9-1544.

The child from this marriage was:

8169       i.  Margriet Thymansdr. (died before 22-4-1566)

16339. Belijke Jansdr. died before 3-9-1544.

Belijke married Thyman Jansz.. Thyman died before 3-9-1544.

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